How you can Recover After Filing for Bankruptcy

There's no doubt that are some substantial financial repercussions in declaring bankruptcy, and there's no question that your life will encounter some considerable changes. If you're in this scenario, don't be alarmed. The difficult economic times witnessed today means that a growing number of individuals are filing for bankruptcy. In fact, there are as much [...]

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Bankruptcy & Superannuation 3 Critical Questions

For the majority of Australians superannuation can be an individual's best asset, the notion of losing it when declaring bankruptcy is a very authentic concern for many of our customers. With certain components of the economy doing quite well and other components passing through tough economic times, bankruptcy numbers in Australia still continue to increase. [...]

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What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy and Purchasing A Home

Although bankruptcy has a lot of financial repercussions, it certainly does not signify the end of the world. Many folks file for bankruptcy for a number of reasons, and this figure only increases with the tough economic conditions that we observe today. According to data from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), there were 7,466 [...]

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Top Things You Should NOT Do Prior to Going Bankrupt

Too many bills? Too much debt? Not enough money? Most individuals struggle financially at some point in their lives. Unanticipated events such as hospitalisation, redundancy, or even divorce, can severely alter your financial circumstances. But, when there is no other way to adequately control your debts, some folks are forced to file for bankruptcy. Going [...]

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Signs You May Want To Consider Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is never the ideal predicament to be in, however many individuals find relief in addressing their financial issues and starting afresh. No one is perfect, and people make mistakes. But a lot of men and women avoid filing for bankruptcy for far too long. They choose to ignore the elephant in the room [...]

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Bankruptcy Advice – Filing For Bankruptcy and Divorce

Everybody passes through strenuous times in their life. Job loss, major illness, and unexpected pregnancies are just a few of these. A leading reason why these situations are so stressful is because financial complications are often accompanied with them. In most cases, financial problems are the leading cause of divorce, and likewise, divorce can be [...]

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5 Tips For Paying Off Your Christmas Debt

For many people, Christmas is seen as the most joyous time of year for both young and old. All of us are thrilled to wrap up the year of work or school and devote some quality time with family and friends. They don't call it the silly season for nothing either. Eating and spending a [...]

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What can I keep when I’m Bankrupt – The bankruptcy means test.

Any time people worry about Bankruptcy, they worry about how it will impact their day-to-day lives, and if they will be able to retain their house, vehicle, tools, and other essential possessions. One of the ways that we can estimate this out is by using the bankruptcy means test. It is something which we take [...]

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The top 3 priorities anyone is going to have with Bankruptcy in Wangaratta.

If you are drowned by debt and you are taking a look at Bankruptcy, there are truly 3 effects you should look at first. Income Loss For the 3 years you are actually bankrupt you might have to chip in some of your income back toward your debt despite being bankrupt. (see table below). This [...]

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Losing your home: Just how much do you know of Bankruptcy in Wangaratta?

Easily the most considerable concern numerous people have with Bankruptcy is without a doubt 'Can I manage to keep my home?' and it can be complicated, but occasionally it is achievable. The only good reason where you will be obliged to sell your family house when you declare bankruptcy is if you have equity in [...]

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